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          1. Hello, welcome to the official website of Guang dong Nanhua Grinding Wheel Co.,LTD.
            Hotline: 86-750-3636500
            Keyword: Diamond Grinding WheelJiangmen Emery Wheel

            ABOUT US

            Jiangmen Nanhua Diamond Grinding Wheel Co., LTD.,
            has been committed to the research and development and production of glass grinding tools since its establishment.
            the company specializes in the production of various glass grinding wheels, the products mainly include diamond wheel, resin wheel, polishing wheel, diamond grinding wheel, glass grinding wheel, diamond tools, glass grinding wheel,
            drill bit, etc.Products are suitable for all kinds of special-shaped machines, linear machines, hypotenuse machines, wave machines, bilateral machines and other equipment.
            for domestic and international market demand and change, we are constantly committed to the research and development of various products, and according to customer requirements, the production of customized products.
            we will continue to "customer first" business philosophy, and new and old customers adhering to the cooperation, create a better future.




          2. What kind of grinding wheel is good for grinding glass?


            Rough translucent glass with emery or chemical treatment.It is the common name of ground glass.Ground glass like shadow is blurred dense shadow, such as: lobar pneumonia, SARS and other diseases of X-

          3. How to select grinding wheel?


            1. Good average surface and no crack are the fundamental surface of fine grinding wheel;2, good packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting bar code is the product of the factory is different from the

          4. Mobile phone hotline:


            Telephone hotline:





            No.185, longli town, lile street, jianghai district, jiangmen city

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